Quarterbacks of Life

The Beating the Odds Foundation has pooled together a unique group of motivated individuals called the Quarterbacks of Life®.

These are men and women who chose to fight through incredible setbacks in life, and, in the end, won over adversity. And this is the key point of the Beating the Odds Foundation: By never giving up, every person can design his or her own destiny. The Quarterbacks of Life® who have joined with the Beating the Odds Foundation share their stories with America’s youth to inspire and motivate them to achieve success in their own lives.

Quarterbacks of Life® are

Quarterbacks of Life® roster

Leon G. Cooperman, CFA

Founder, Omega Advisors, Inc. Chairman & CEO, Omega Family Office, Inc. Philanthropist

The late Paul McShane

Business Executive and Cancer Fighter

Larry Connor

Entrepreneur, Non-Profit Activist Investor, and Ax-1 Pilot

Christopher Sembroski

Inspiration4 Commercial Astronaut

John Schaefer

Business Executive and Lieutenant Colonel, USMC (retired)

Scott Altman

Aerospace Engineer and former Astronaut and Naval Aviator

Dr. Amber Straughn

NASA Astrophysicist and Scientist on the James Webb Space Telescope

Eric McElvenny

United States Marine Captain (retired) and Ironman Triathlete

Derrick Morgan

Former Tennessee Titans Linebacker

Charlie “The Spaniard” Brenneman

Professional mixed martial arts fighter

John Hope Bryant

Philanthropic entrepreneur and businessman

The late George H. W. Bush

41st President and Supporter of Beating the Odds Foundation's Mission (A Thousand Points of Light)

James Earl Jones

Professional Actor and Symbol of Freedom Program Host

Rocky Bleier

Pittsburgh Steelers Football Player (4 Super Bowl Titles) and Co-Chairman of Beating the Odds Foundation

Bob Wieland

Vietnam War Hero and Chairman of Quarterbacks of Life® Team

Warren Moon

NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback

Rocco Scalzi

Beating the Odds Foundation CEO, Founder, and Motivational Speaker

Tracie Ruiz-Conforto

Olympic Gold Medalist

Adam Taliaferro

Former Penn State Football Player

Que Creek Miners

Miners who survived 77 hours trapped inside a flooded Pennsylvania Coal Mine

Reggie Williams

Former Cincinnati Bengals Football Player

Bethany Hamilton

Competitive Surfer and Shark Attack Survivor, Co-Chairwoman of Beating the Odds Foundation

The Late Curt Brinkman

Paralympics Winner

Erik Weihenmayer

Blind Mountain Climber

Thurl Bailey

Recording Artist and Former NBA Star

Dr. Angel Faith

Former Recording Artist

Bo Eason

Actor and Former NFL Player

Roberto Clemente, Jr.

Son of the Great Roberto Clemente

Kim Cooper

Pilot for Southwest Airlines

Colleen Barrett

President Emeritus of Southwest Airlines

Pittsburgh Passion

Professional Women’s Football Team

Jimmy Wayne

Country Music Star

Mike Elliott

All Veteran Parachute Team / Former U.S. Army Golden Knight

SFC Elisa Tennyson

Former U.S. Army Golden Knight

PJ Maierhofer

Former Penn State's Blue Sapphire

Rulon Gardner

2000 Olympic Gold Medalist

Eric Cassaburi

Entrepreneur and Undercover Boss

COL Twala Mathis

Commander of 2nd ROTC Brigade

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